New Old Heads Podcast

NOH 335 | "Where dey at?"

April 20, 2023 New Old Heads Season 1 Episode 335
New Old Heads Podcast
NOH 335 | "Where dey at?"
Show Notes

The New Old Heads episode 335 talked Apple Music's playlists only allowing Dolby Atmos mixes to be allowed on their playlists and how the future of music around it might change, Mannie Fresh selling his catalogue, New Orleans bounce music and it's origins, Tekashi 69's Ugandan clout run, and E-40's statements about being kicked out of the Kings/Warriors game 1. 

Indy CD & Vinyl
Record store based in Indianapolis.

Bringing Down The Band
Hip hop media brand based in Indianapolis.

Kolman Dental
Dentist based in Indianapolis.

Screen printing and other print media based in Indianapolis.

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